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Fiona Reilly × Siobhán Geoghegan

In April 2019 Declarations of Time Spent was performed on the courtroom balconies of Kilmainham Courthouse, Dublin 8 by Darragh Byrne, Ozaro Adams and Audrey Wade for approx. 20 minutes.  The performative artwork is a fleeting aural archive of participant’s personal stories and judgements, ranging from the deeply personal to the mundane. Declarations of Time Spent is comprised of information received from participants who visited The Department of Time Keepers during Fiona’s CITIZEN ARTIST^ residency in studio 468. Fiona established The Department of Time Keepers, a pseudo Government institution that acted as a site for public thinking on the effect contemporary working conditions have on how we experience time and pose questions surrounding labour and value. Participants were invited to complete a form that divides a day into 96 fifteen minute segments and asks them to document their activities in a 24 hour period. These activities were then classified in one of six categories: survival, functional, leisure, paid labour, unpaid labour and other.

Siobhán Geoghegan is the Director of Common Ground, that works across in Dublin 8 with artists and communities of place and interest since 1999. Siobhán studied in LSAD and Crawford College of Art Cork, and holds an MA in Art in the Contemporary World, NCAD, 2011

Event: A live performance of Declarations of Time Spent, please check for updates

Fiona Reilly
Declarations of Time Spent, 2019
Performed at Kilmainham Courthouse, Dublin 8

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Fiona Reilly is a Dublin based interdisciplinary artist. She has exhibited throughout Ireland and abroad and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Arts Council of Ireland 16 X 16 Next Generation Art Award and an Arts Participation Bursary Award 2020. Recent work was presented in ArtWorks 2019, VISUAL, Carlow curated by Emma Lucy O’Brien and The Art Workers, Rum468, Aarhus, Denmark curated by Pam Grombacher and Sasha Rose Richter. She was resident at Fire Station Artists’ Studios, Dublin 2017-2020 and is currently involved in the evolving research project The Feminist Supermarket with Ormston House, Limerick. fionareilly.info

^CITIZEN ARTIST 2016–2018 closed with a series of artworks, performances, artefacts and publication at Kilmainham Courthouse, 10th – 15th April 2019. Studio 468 is located in St Andrew’s Community Centre Rialto Dublin 8. commonground.ie